Igloo Hedgehog House - NatureTree
Igloo Hedgehog House - NatureTree

Igloo Hedgehog House

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Hedgehogs really need our help - the Igloo Hedgehog House provides a safe haven to retreat from garden machinery, pets and other predators.

Made from a round painted steel frame topped with a water-proof felted roof which is covered with a brush wood finish decorated with rattan bands. 

Although mainly designed for shelter the Igloo may also be used for hibernation if additional brushwood cover is provided over the igloo in winter.

The ultimate gardener’s friend, hedgehogs will happily eat up all those pesky slugs, earwigs and caterpillars that can cause such mischief with your plants. Sadly, we've lost a third of our hedgehogs since the millennium and numbers continue to fall.

That's why we need to do all we can to help them. Cut a small (around 13cm, CD sized) hole in your fence and ask your neighbours to do the same. This will allow hedgehogs to roam further, which is essential for them to feed properly. 

Locate the Igloo in a sheltered spot, out of the prevailing wind. Put short lengths of dried cut grass or dried leaves inside as nesting material. Camouflage the house by scattering a covering of leaves around the house to further camouflage it. If boisterous dogs or badgers are in the area the igloo and may be anchored down for extra security. 

It's worth remembering that if you make a bonfire in the garden please check before lighting in case a hedgehog has unwittingly decided to make this their home.   

Size: H 22cm x W 59cm x L 53cm. Weight: 1.4kg.