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Great Spotted Woodpecker

Even if you haven't seen one, you're quite likely to have heard a woodpecker when out in the countryside. One of the more positive wildlife stories in recent years, great spotted woodpecker numbers have increased.

Of the many good reasons for leaving a few logs lying around in the garden, providing a good habitat for this bird is one of them. They are attracted to the bugs, grubs and beetles that live in the old wood. You can of course also encourage them by putting out peanuts.

But if you are lucky enough to have them as a visitor to your garden do make sure that you fit metal hole protectors to any nest boxes you may have, as these birds can use their phenomenal drilling prowess to excavate eggs and chicks. Simply fitting a metal protector will prevent this.

Great spotted woodpeckers are such a striking bird to see and endlessly fascinating to watch. They always make a brand new nest each year, therefore kindly providing nests for many other hole-nesting birds!

These enchanting birds can live for up to ten years.