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About us


Giving a gift which helps nature is a gift like no other. That's why we've made sure that every purchase made from NatureTree directly supports conservation.  

As an alternative to simply acquiring yet ‘more stuff’ you'll find gifts at NatureTree that either help nature directly or encourage greater appreciation and connection to it.

We're passionate about nature and want to make a difference, which is why we give 10% of all our profits to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Some products also directly support other British conservation charities such as Butterfly Conservation, British Trust For Ornithology, Bat Conservation Trust People's Trust For Endangered Species and the Red Squirrel Survival Trust. 

Nature needs our help like never before, and as it happens, we need nature more than ever too. From pollinating our food to improving our mental health, nature is an essential ingredient to our daily lives. Yet despite its necessity we've become increasingly disconnected with it. NatureTree’s single mission is to help change that.

Based in the beautiful Lake District, we love and appreciate the value of our precious landscape. We're striving to do everything we can to be environmentally responsible and limit our impact on the planet - right from where we source our products all the way to the recycled packaging we use for your parcel. 

More than just another shopping site, NatureTree aims to become a nature and wildlife hub - a place to discover more about our flora and fauna; a place to connect and share. 

As a tiny business we really appreciate every one who stops by to look at the website and would love you to spread the word by passing our name on to nature-loving friends!

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